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The Founders of Omada Capital Management have a strong vision. They saw that the volatility of the stock market over the past couple of decades created an outcry for a new, stable investment solution. Real estate provides tangible assets that can generate income for investors regardless of market fluctuations. And they have the team to do it.

OMADA Capital Management LLC was founded on the belief that anyone can benefit from investing in the real estate market without having to worry about finding, buying, and managing properties.

The Plan

Find discounted properties
Fix them up to rent-ready condition
Rent them to reliable tenants
Sell at a premium

This fund was built for people who have seen the steady growth of property values in Utah and would like to participate in that growth without the challenge of finding, buying, renting and maintaining real estate properties. Omada takes a proven, prudent course to ensure a program that stresses stability and steady performance.


We make investing in Utah real estate simple. The growing, stable economy and a shortage of properties make now a great time to talk.

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